KEY Workshops

KEY Financial Services workshops offer a valuable opportunity for individuals to enhance their financial knowledge and skills. Our Workshops equip you with the tools and knowledge to make informed decisions and achieve your goals.

Being a Likeable Boss

Unleash your likeable boss vibes! Being a well-loved leader is more than a skill-it's the secret sauce to stellar communication and top-notch employee relationships. Elevate your management game with our "How to Become a More Likeable Boss" workshop. Discover the power of improved managerial skills, reshape interactions, and level up your career game!

• Unleash your leadership potential
• Master the art of effective delegation
• Select inspiring tasks for you and your team
• Lead with wisdom and understanding
• Define and embrace your team roles
• Build trust and earn the trust of others

Job Search Skills

Job hunting can be daunting. Unsure of your ideal job? Need tips on crafting a strong resume and cover letter? Seeking job leads and overcoming networking anxiety? Curious about interview strategies?

Find answers and a one-month plan in our Job Search Skills workshop. Upon completion, you'll be well-prepared to land your perfect job. Clarify your career goals and assess skills to target suitable positions. Discover the power of improved managerial skills, reshape interactions, and level up your career game!

• Set clear employment objectives and define your purpose.
• Create SMART goals for effective job hunting.
• Build a dynamic first-month action plan.
• Perfect your resume, craft a compelling cover letter, and showcase your portfolio.
• Master networking to discover job leads.
• Navigate interviews with efficiency and confidence.

Personal Productivity

Unlock more time in your day! Join our workshop to discover the secrets of organizing your life, establishing effective routines, setting goals, and creating a productive environment. Maximize personal productivity with time-tested tools and take control of your success journey. Get ready to own your time and lead a more productive life!

• Set and crush SMART goals
• Amp up productivity with effective routines
• Leverage scheduling tools for time efficiency
• Stay on top with a solid to-do list
• Begin tasks and projects on the right track
• Apply basic project management techniques
• Organize workspaces for peak efficiency
• Regain control from emails and devices
• Overcome procrastination

Personal Finances

Lots of people deal with money struggles, no matter where you're from. This workshop has the tricks to help you kick debt to the curb and get your finances in check. We'll show you how to make a budget that fits your style, cut costs, and say goodbye to those debts. Let's make your wallet happy!

• Uncover the art of setting financial goals.
• Explore areas where you can trim expenses.
• Get the lowdown on the basics of managing expenses.
• Find the right tools to stick to your budget like a pro.

Social Media in the Workplace

Ride the Social Media wave with ease! From Twitter to Facebook and beyond, it's all about staying connected without losing time. Learn the dos and don'ts of sharing. Understanding Social Media isn't just about tech-it's about connecting in today's digital world. Find out how to make it work for you in the workplace!

• Grasp the essence of social media
• Explore various uses and adaptations
• Develop and sustain a social media policy
• Ensure the security of your social media presence
• Establish guidelines for company posts
• Uncover the advantages and potential challenges of using social media

Trust Building and Resilience Development

Step into the Trust Building and Resilience Development Workshop! Craft relationships rooted in trust and arm yourself with resilience for a workplace that's not just safe but rock-solid for everyone. Discover your company's role in fostering honesty and learn to navigate the inevitable changes that come with building a stronger business.

• Gain the trust of employees by empowering them.
• Promote transparent communication.
• Keep the promises you make.
• Identify different personality types and how to work with them.
• Respect all those you work with.
• Keep stress at bay.
• Overcome adversities.
• Accept and manage change.
• Stay motivated.
• Uncover the advantages and potential challenges of using social media

Managing Workplace Anxiety

Workplace anxiety is common, but when it hinders your daily tasks, it's time for a change. Our Managing Workplace Anxiety course equips you with effective strategies to recognize and handle workplace stress. Boost your confidence and tackle workplace challenges with newfound skills.

• Dive into various workplace anxieties.
• Spot symptoms and warning signs like a pro.
• Master coping and management techniques.
• Identify common triggers and accelerants.
• Discover the distinction between anxiety and everyday nervousness.